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Full List of Online & Asian Events Prior to Decentraland’s $250k GameJam

Decentraland, the new virtual world built on the blockchain (click here for more info),…
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NEW Decentraland Interactive Map – Got BETA? Click, Teleport & Submit New Locations!

The Decentraland BETA testing is now in full flow. New builds, games and projects…
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Decentraland Shopping Malls To Offer Early Economic Boost?

In recent months the entire Decentraland community has been focused on building content for…
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When Will Decentraland Actually Launch To The Public?

This is the million dollar question, but the honest answer is, well, nobody really…
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ENROLL NOW! Decentraland University Offers FREE Weekly Building Course

Do you want to learn all the skills needed to build more advanced scenes…
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What Vegas City District Can Learn From Grand Theft Auto’s New Diamond Casino

A new article published by the BBC should be of interest to all Decentraland…
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Decentraland Avatars – How To Get Yours + Facts & Stats

The highly anticipated release of Decentraland avatars finally took place this week. In just…
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Decentraland To Host AMA in Conjunction With Binance

Binance announced today that they will be hosting Ari Meilich, Project Lead at Decentraland,…
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New Decentraland Roadmap Released Amid Public Launch Delay

After missing the recent launch deadline on 30th June 2019, Decentraland has now delayed…
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2 NEW Decentraland Map Tools To Help You Value LAND

Looking at the Decentraland map for the first time can be a daunting prospect…
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