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What to Expect & When – The 12 Days of Christmas, Decentraland Auction Style

The long awaited second Decentraland LAND auction started just a few minutes ago. With emotions, expectations…

SCAM ALERT: Fake ‘Decentraland Airdrop’ Telegram Groups and ‘Gift’ Websites

DCL Plazas can confirm that there are NO Airdrops, NO Telegram bots and NO ‘MANA Gifts’…

Decentraland MANA Listed on Coinbase Pro + CEO Backs ‘Crypto in VR’

Coinbase Pro, one of the most reputable crypto trading platforms, has announced that they have begun…

Competitions, Collaborations and Coins – Decentraland Turns up The Pre-Auction Heat

In the lead up to this months Decentraland auction, you could be forgiven if you missed…

The LAND Is Mightier Than the Sword – What Sets Decentraland Apart?

Every day, we see new blockchain games and dApps popping up all over the internet. It…

Decentraland Remove Inflation & Introduce 1% Marketplace Sales Fee

The results of the recent vote are in, and the Decentraland community has voted in favour…

Decentraland Economy U-Turn? Voting on Inflation and Burning MANA

Amidst all the excitement concerning the announcement of the second Decentraland auction, there is a very…

Can I host content from my own server if desired?

Yes. This is encouraged for all LAND owners wishing to create and host a large amount…
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