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Let’s Build This City On Rock & Roll – The Genesis Decentraland Playlist

In only a few weeks time, hundreds of Decentraland builders worldwide will come together like never…

Decentraland Prepares For New Civilization With A Face Lift

The website has been given bright and vibrant revamp in preparation for the launch of…

Drag-Drop-Build-WIN! – Decentralands 900k MANA ($29k) Building Competition

Up until now, only developers with technical know how, 3D design and coding knowledge have been…

Taking Inspiration For Decentraland From The VR Industry

Recently there has been a very clear shift of focus towards building content in Decentraland, which…

Gentlemen’s Club Releases ‘Temptation’ Teaser in Decentraland

Decentraland promises to have something for everybody to enjoy. The latest project, commissioned by an entrepreneurial…

Slow Burner – 1% Decentraland Marketplace Fees Come Into Force

After all the buzz and hype from the successful Decentraland Dutch auction in December 2018, it…

SciArt Lab Back From The Brink

In a recent update from Decentraland announcing the future of Decentraland districts, everybody's favorite science and…

17 Decentraland Districts Dissolved + 3rd LAND Auction

In September 2017, Decentraland reached out to the community requesting that anybody who was interested in…
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