3 NEW Decentraland Games Win SDK Hackathon

A couple of weeks after the release of the new SDK in January 2019, Decentraland organized a hackathon to gather feedback and increase the awareness about the new tools.

Unlike the upcoming Builder tool contest, which starts next week and is easy for anybody to create a scene and win MANA, the hackathon required a certain level of coding experience to really put the SDK through its paces.

Amongst many great entries from developers, 3 new Decentraland games emerged and scooped the top prizes.


GimMeMANA is a provably fair casino slot machine that uses data which generates a random number on the server side, then combines it with the client seed. The random number depends on two variables, and one of these isn’t controlled by the server, so the result can’t be manipulated to fake the

Hackathon Placing: 1st place (tied) ​1 LAND + 10000 MANA 

Created by: ​HPrivakos from the community.

>>Explore the scene

>>Look at the code

2.Mika’s Kitchen Simulator

A game inspired in Overcooked and Job Simulator. Players follow food recipes in a ramen fast-food post with a cyberpunk aesthetic. Anxious customers order a dish, and you must deliver them before the customer’s patience runs out. Be careful not to burn the soup or chop the sushi too much… unless they ask for it.

Hackathon Placing: 1st place (tied) + people’s choice award: ​1 LAND + 10000 MANA + 1 LAND

Created by: ​​Pravus, Mauricio and Nico from Decentraland’s staff.

>>Explore the scene

>>Look at the code

3.Click a Mole

A game based on the classic whack-a-mole, but played at a larger scale over 10 x 10 meters. The goal of the game is to click on as many moles as you can over a 60 second period.

Hackathon Placing: 2nd Place – ​1 LAND + 5000 MANA

Created by: Tak from the community.

>>Explore the scene

>>Look at the code

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