5 Groundbreaking Decentraland Games in Development

The gaming product that Decentraland will offer it’s users has clearly been prioritised by the Decentraland team, who rightly see it as a fundamental piece of the Metaverse jigsaw. This is evident from various large scale investments Decentraland has pumped into developing some of the most promising gaming studios around the world, with a view to creating a decentralized ‘gaming mecca’ for all.

The development doesn’t stop there though. There are other collaborations, independent games studios and community members who are well on their way to creating their own mouthwatering games titles.

In this article we take a quick peek at the first 5 Decentraland games likely to be appearing in Decentraland especially for your gaming pleasure. Don't forget to show your support and follow their progress on social media.

Upcoming Decentraland Games

1. CryptoCarz
The worlds first blockchain-enabled VR racing experience is coming to Decentraland! Race around Decentraland in a car that's even more attractive than a shiny Tesla on a sunny day.
2. Chainbreakers
This strategy-rpg is being developed by the incredibly talented team at Qwellcode. It will be an official Decentraland launch title, so make sure not to miss this game when the Metaverse launches.
3. Cryptobeasties
This exciting, blockchain backed trading card game is progressing at a rapid rate. Get involved in their pre-sale before its too late! Collect a stack of trading cards, then battle them with other traders in Decentraland.
4. Etheremon
Etheremon combines blockchain and VR technology in a battle strategy game. Capture, train, transform, trade and battle your Mons in Decentraland.
5. Scrapyard Escape
Even though this game is being developed in house at Decentraland, we just had to include it! Scrapyard Escape is a team-cooperative strategy game focused on three warring factions of robots.

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