9 Independent Decentraland Tools & Info Resources You Can’t Do Without

The fact that interest in Decentraland is gathering pace has never been more evident. Data tells us that Decentraland is now seeing large increases of new investors looking for an opportunity to become more involved. Naturally, this has resulted in an explosion in LAND sales, particularly over the last few months.

However, what you may not have noticed, is that the wider business ecosystem for Decentraland is also growing in parallel. New tools, websites and services have started to appear, mostly created by Decentraland community members. As Decentraland continues to grow, these ancillary resources will undoubtedly prove to be the future backbone of Decentralands economy.

Here we take a look at some of these projects:

Buying and Selling

Marketplace Currency Changer – This Chrome extension allows users to display LAND prices in the marketplace in other cryptocurrencies.
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NonFungible.com – NF provides valuable, in depth data on Decentraland LAND sales, as well as other NFTs.

My-DCL – Similar to NF above, but is entirely dedicated to Decentraland. Has some powerful features such as Estate sales history.

Vrlaw – Land leasing platform, due to be fully launched soon, which will allow LAND owners to lease their LAND to one another via smart contract. Read our article on vrlaw here


Ethlance – Marketplace to hire 3d modellers, programmers and designers for Decentraland build projects.

>> Visit our full build section complete with official tutorials, community build examples and more

Independent News

DCLPlazas.com – Independent Decentraland news, education and events. Covers a wide range of topics.
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DCLBlogger.com – Expert in buying and selling LAND. Leading the way with LAND trading video tutorials.

DecentralandDaily.com – Friendly, independent Decentraland news, with a focus more towards community stories and LAND sales.


DCL Feeds – New Discord server offering news feeds from all independent Decentraland news sources. A great place to meet and chat with other Decentraland users.

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