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Founded in 2018, DCL Plazas is now the number one news site dedicated to growing the NFT and Virtual Blockchain World space, spreading the word about the associated benefits that come with these exciting, new experiences and technologies.

DCL Plazas was initially created to help further support the Decentraland project with independent, engaging content as an alternative news source and voice for the community. Community should always be #1.

However, as time has progressed, so has the amount of exciting virtual blockchain worlds available to explore. Each has their own take on what a metaverse should look like, and as such, has an attractive set of goals and values from which to grow.

So, in May 2020, DCL Plazas expanded its news coverage and educational guides to include two more virtual blockchain worlds; Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space. We believe in one large, interoperable, decentralized metaverse which is easily accessible for everyone, and this change is the first step to helping achieve that objective.

DCL Plazas Kiosks

DCL Plazas owns an unrivalled amount of strategically placed kiosks in all 3 worlds, allowing us to help navigate users in-world, and at the same time promote events and generate revenue from advertisers to reinvest and further develop DCL Plazas and the work it does for all its associated communities. You can view more information about our advertising opportunities here.


We receive no funding and have no direct affiliation with any of the projects we cover at DCL Plazas. This allows us to write without bias or intervention to give a fresh, independent perspective from all angles, for good or for bad, and for all communities.

This website is funded by kind donations from our loyal readers, advertising and partnerships with 3rd party companies and affiliate links.


The information on this website has largely been collected from various social media and messaging platforms and is intended to be easily digestible, informative, educational and entertaining for the average user. * DCL Plazas owns land in all 3 VBWs.

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