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Aetheria District Opens LAND Allocation Applications for Con...
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Aetheria District Opens LAND Allocation Applications for Contributors

Aetheria, the mammoth Cyberpunk district which dominates the skyline in North East Decentraland, is now asking all community members who contributed to the Aetheria project in December 2017, to share their vision for the plots of LAND they have invested in.

There are two options for all contributors, who can choose exactly how much of their contribution they wish to invest in privately, and how much they wish to donate to the community/district infrastructure.

Contributor Options

  1. Privately-Allocated LAND – If you wish to build your own Cyberpunk fantasy, or create a scene which would add value to the district as a whole, then this is the place to do it. The Aetherian district leaders require you to submit your build proposal, along with any supporting images or documentation.

  1. Community-Allocated LAND – Aetheria certainly has some grand plans for building out the ultimate dystopian district dream. The jewel in the crown will be the Fractus Club, a nightclub which will take center stage. In order to build this, as well as other important infrastructure (such as roads and other public facilities) the district leadership is asking that members allocate a portion of their LAND contributions so this can become all become a reality. There are some very clear benefits on offer in exchange for your contributions to the district infrastructure.

You can submit your LAND allocation, and get all the information you need, by visiting the Aetheria website here. All contributors must submit their proposals by December 15th 2018.

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