Second Auction Sold Out! + Decentraland Devs Prove We Are In Safe Hands

It has been almost 12 months to the day since the first ever Decentraland LAND auction took place, and now, after 14 days of patience, perseverance and heart palpitations, the second auction has finally finished with a flurry of sales, full of confidence, and on a high.

This post isn’t about sales stats (visit nonfungible for more in-depth analysis), but for context, below is a brief overview.

Auction Stats Overview:

  • All 9,331 parcels were sold for a combined 109,500,000 MANA (approx $6,500,000, or 1614 BTC)
  • The average price per LAND was 11,730 MANA (approx. $690, or 0.172 BTC)
    Most expensive parcel sold for around 30,000 MANA (approx. $1770, or 0.44 BTC)
  • Final LAND parcel (cheapest) sold for 6,800 MANA (approx. $400, or 0.1 BTC)
  • All spent MANA has been burnt and removed from the circulating supply
  • The auction lasted 14 days


So how do you measure success? In this case, the figures speak for themselves. In an aggressive crypto bear market, Decentraland as a project has excelled, and confidence is soaring.

There are many factors and reasons as to why this auction has been such a success, but ultimately, it is the Decentraland team. For all the flack that they receive from nay-sayers, it is they who must take a sizeable chunk of credit (NB: DCL Plazas is a totally independent website and is in no way financed by, or affiliated with the Decentraland team in any way).

Lets Start Off With The Negative

All too often is it easy to focus on the negatives. In this auction the only controversy was the Decentraland leaders deciding to invest 15M MANA into buying a large chunk of LAND, without any prior warning, from the ‘community fund’. Whilst this could have been communicated better, ultimately, it was done with the best interests of the Decentraland project at heart. Even though decentralization is the ultimate goal, at this very early stage, and whilst not always easy to digest, it is vital that investors place a fair level of trust in the team to make the right decisions for the project going forward.

These LAND parcels will now be used to incentivize and attract new talent into the community, who will ultimately build new experiences for everyone to enjoy. If you find yourself overly critical of this approach, then maybe you aren’t in Decentraland for the right reasons. For the more hardcore, full decentralization is the future, but we must put in place the pillars of foundation first.

Back to the Positives

Aside from the highly encouraging sales stats mentioned above, here are some factors which all contributed to a fun and smooth auction experience, but are often overlooked:

There were:

  • No bugs
  • No delays
  • UX was clear and seamless
  • Transactions were quick and efficient
  • Sales data was delivered without problems
  • Support was at hand when required (thanks @toonpunk)

What more can we ask for in a brand new and evolving industry? One in which every day treads on new territory and is embracing new tech, new ideas and concepts, on a global scale?

Final Thought

Surely all participants will agree that the entire auction, from start to finish, was conducted in a fair, on-time, professional and concise manner?

However, the brains, bright minds and programmers behind the scenes… those who made all this possible… should be the people taking a bow today.

They are often overshadowed by haters, those who FOMO’d too long and those want to find holes in whitepapers and business plans.

Forget all them. Today is the day for everyone behind the scenes within the Decentraland team, to enjoy a true achievement. And for investors, bear in mind that these are the same Developers that will be at the forefront of creating the Metaverse (VR World), which is what, at the end of the day, this is all gearing up towards.

We are in good hands. Now, let’s #buidl.

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