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Barunson co. Ltd Agrees Deal with Decentraland
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Barunson co. Ltd Agrees Deal with Decentraland

Barunson co. Ltd are a Korean based company specialising in VR, AR, mobile online gaming  and VR movies. They have just signed an agreement to distribute and create interactive content for Decentraland.  

Kang Shin Bum, Barunson co. Ltd’s CEO had the following to say about the platform

“The public is becoming much more familiar with VR technology.  However, VR has so far provided short and simple experiences and has failed to provide any sustainable value to end users.  By partnering with Decentraland, we will be able to provide a perfect ‘Virtual + Reality’ experience, building the foundation for sustainable value for our end users.”

This is a trailblazing deal, Decentraland’s Genesis Content Program is the first initiative of it’s kind whose purpose is to facilitate and fund the development of blockchain based gaming.  Barunson co. Ltd. and Decentraland’s agreement will be the first step towards bringing these experiences to the masses.

image source: (Source: Barunson co. Ltd., VR PARK & VR Cinema in BIFF)

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