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BBC Creates Mass Buzz About Decentraland (Video + Podcast)
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BBC Creates Mass Buzz About Decentraland (Video + Podcast)

For anybody who somehow managed to miss it, the last 24 hours has been fantastic for Decentraland. Yesterday saw the 7th biggest website in the United Kingdom, the BBC, create some fantastic content to help create awareness about Decentraland.

This will help give exposure to over 600+ MILLION regular monthly readers from one of the most trusted news sources on the planet. Furthermore, the content is refreshing, choosing to focus on the more positive aspects and future potential of Decentraland, rather than join the sceptics and focusing on some of the more challenging aspects and decisions which have yet to be made by Decentraland.

You can watch the full video below (6+ mins), and listen to the full podcast by clicking here (23 mins):

If the LAND market starts to heat up and MANA starts to moon, this probably has something to do with it.

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