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How to Build on Decentraland LAND

This section includes all the information and resources you will need (for both beginner and advanced builders) when learning how to build on Decentraland LAND.

If you are new to building, start with the Builder tool, which is a simple drag and drop editor. For the more advanced builder with coding knowledge, learn how to use the Decentraland SDK.

If you find yourself in need of some inspiration, you can view some Decentraland build examples or Decentraland Games which have been created by both Decentraland and the community.

Beginner Building
Builder Tool
Official Decentraland Builder tool. Start building on your LAND.
Video Tutorials
Step by Step Lessons
This collection of over the shoulder videos will teach you how to build.
Google Poly
FREE 3D Models
3D models on Google Poly can be loaded directly onto Decentraland.
Advanced Building
Official Decentraland SDK. Start programming on your LAND.
Build Examples
DCL & Community Builds
Draw inspiration from other builds completed by the community and DCL.
How to Build with SDK
Official SDK 'Quick Start' builders guide for programmers.
Game Examples
DCL & Community Games
Draw inspiration from other games completed by the community and DCL.
Building Scenes
How to Build Scenes with SDK
Official SDK instructions on building scenes & installation guide.
FREE 3D Models
3D models on Sketchfab can be loaded directly onto Decentraland.

Common LAND Questions

If you have more questions regarding Decentraland LAND, please visit our education section:

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