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SDK Video Tutorials – How to Build on Decentraland

One of the easiest ways to learn how to build is by watching over the shoulder Decentraland SDK video tutorials.

This ever growing library of easy to follow tutorials is a mix of official Decentraland tutorials and videos created by community members.

You can also view some Decentraland build examples or Decentraland Games which have been created by both Decentraland and the community to give you an idea of the possibilities of the SDK.

How to create a 3D scene and upload it

Importing a Sketchfab model to a Decentraland scene

How to create a simple interactive 3D scene

Using SketchFab images within Decentraland

Scaling down SketchFab images for DCL

How to animate a 3D character in Decentraland (Mixamo)

How to design a flying robot in Decentraland

Programming basic Artificial Intelligence using dog example

Building A Simple Tower Defense Game

Creating Colliders for a 3D Model

Blender Non Human Animations

Creating Lifelike Animals

How to Debug Your Application

Decentraland Blender Tutorial

Common LAND Questions

If you have more questions regarding Decentraland LAND, please visit our education section:


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