13 Reasons to BUY & HODL Decentraland MANA Token

After a sizable price fall in Decentraland MANA token this week, why would anyone even consider buying and HODLing during these uncertain times for crypto markets? The answer in 1 word, is opportunity.
The aim for most crypto traders and investors is to buy low, sell high, and turn a nice profit. It is common place to spend hours upon hours studying, researching and trawling news sites and forums on a quest to find that perfect crypto in which to invest your well earned Satoshi.
This article aims to save thousands of man hours going through the aforementioned processes by outlining, in 13 solid reasons, why now could be a great time for you to add Decentraland MANA token to your crypto portfolio.


Data Source: coinmarketcap.com


1) Big Investors & Advocates

Decentraland is being strongly backed by several large, reputable venture capital companies operating in the crypto space. Digital Currency Group and Bitcoin Suisse are just 2 of several, investing millions of USD into the project and frequently expressing their optimism about Decentraland.

Barry Silbert, dubbed the King of Crypto by CNBC, is one of many high profile Decentraland advocates. He recently announced that his company has invested in only 5 crypto currencies… and MANA is one of them. You can watch the full TV interview on CNBC Fast Money below.

2) Mainstream Media Attention 

Decentraland is a project which has really excited main stream media. The potential of the in-world platform (The Metaverse) and activity within the Decentraland LAND marketplace, where LAND is bought and sold, are just 2 of many features which have tantalised the tastebuds of journalists, many of whom write for world renowned, trusted media outlets. Bloomberg, The New York Times and, more recently, a full feature from the BBC including a podcast and explainer video, are just a few examples of how the world is watching and taking interest in what promises to be an exciting adventure for all involved. New investors are onboarding.

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3) Decentraland Investments & Partnerships

Decentraland isn’t just sitting back and receiving investment, they are actively making investments of their own, mainly in the infrastructure which will drive the Metaverse (in-game, VR world) forward. To encourage growth and innovation in decentralized online gaming, in July 2018 Decentraland announced a $5 million investment pot. Also, a partnership with GC NRP in South Korea sees Decentraland become the first company to partner with the South Korean governments VR gaming accelerator.


4) Top Crypto Traders

Regular Twitter users will have noticed that some of the most reputable crypto traders are keeping a very watchful eye on their bags of MANA, regularly sharing their expert opinions, and charting progress. These guys have been trading cryptos since the days when Mintpal was still a thing. If they don’t show an interest, it’s usually not worth owning.

@CryptoYoda1338 – 216k Followers

@CryptoMocho – 119k Followers

@Coin_Shark – 61.9k Followers

5) MANA Battles Bears

For months now, Decentraland MANA token has been battling the bears that have been terrorising all crypto markets. Whilst many other altcoins have succumbed to their fate, losing upto 90% of their value in some cases, by and large, MANA held its own through these difficult times, and continues to be one of the most stable altcoins in very unstable market conditions.

@BitBitCrypto – 21k Followers

@Crypt0fons – 1.8k Followers

6) The Price Could be Right

At the time of writing (8 Sept 2018), the price of MANA is 958 sats (or $0.06). After the recent dip this week, this is the lowest it has been since April 2018. Considering the Metaverse hasn’t even launched yet (still in alpha, due in Q4 2018), the continuing progress being made by the Decentraland team and impending big announcements to be made, this could well be one of the best entry points and time to add Decentraland MANA token to your portfolio.
source: coinmarketcap.com

dcl-logo-head INDUSTRY

7) Growing Industries

Decentraland straddles several industries which are all experiencing exponential growth. The virtual reality market is projected to be worth $215 billion by 2021, and combining that with blockchain technology, which is conservatively estimated to have a market size of $60 billion by 2024, Decentraland is perfectly placed to capitalise.

Data Source: https://www.coinbureau.com/review/decentraland-mana/

dcl-logo-head PROGRESS & ECONOMY

8) Proven Real Use-Case

The downfall of most cryptocurrencies and tokens is that they start off with the intention of creating a coin which can be utilized to solve a real world problem for its users, only to realise in the end, that they have created something useless, or the appetite from users just wasn’t there.

Decentraland MANA token is different, and proven. The marketplace, which uses MANA as its native currency for buying and selling LAND, is more active than ever. Over $117,000+ has been traded for LAND this week, and over $4.2 million dollars since the marketplace opened in March 2018. Just to clarify that point again, you can only buy and sell LAND with Decentraland MANA token, and $4.2 million worth of it has exchanged hands and been used for the purpose it was intended for.

source: decentrastats.com

9) Impending Launch of the Metaverse

Take a moment to digest points 1 to 8 in this article… now, consider that Decentraland hasn’t even launched the Metaverse yet. You cannot currently walk around Decentraland in VR. In fact, the alpha version has only just opened to testers within the community, with the mainnet version due for a high profile release sometime in Q4 2018. The excitement surrounding the launch date will certainly make for an interesting time for Decentraland MANA token on the exchanges.

MANA is the native currency of Decentraland. Once the Metaverse opens, and the eco-system begins to organically expand, the demand for MANA could well take a step towards the moon.

10) High Spending Industries

Following on from point 9, how much will people actually use MANA as a currency? And what types of services will be available to spend MANA on in the Metaverse? Judging by the highly active LAND marketplace, and considering that there are Decentraland districts dedicated to gambling, music, education, adult material, shopping, gaming and many more, whose goods or services are paid for using MANA, then it’s probably fair to say that MANA stands a very good chance of success and huge price increases as the usability expands and demand for the currency grows.

11) Construction is Well Underway

Dcentraland will not be baron land. Whilst the Metaverse has yet to be launched to the public, building of both Decentraland districts and individual LAND parcels are moving quickly.

It is still early days, but here are a few community build examples:

12) MANA = Voting Power

In the future, major decisions and changes within Decentraland will be voted on by community members. What many investors may not yet be aware of, is that the more MANA you hold in your wallet, the more weighting your vote will have in future decision making. HODLing MANA = Voting Power.

13) Upcoming LAND auction?

There are currently around 9k+ LAND parcels which remain unowned. In December 2017 when the Terraform auction took place and all LANDs were put up for auction to investors, there were some LAND parcels which never received a bid, therefore remained unsold. Whilst it is still to be confirmed what Decentraland will do with these LAND parcels, it is widely rumoured that there will be a second LAND auction, selling off these remaining LANDs to the highest bidders. In the first auction, all MANA used to purchase LAND was burnt by Decentraland, reducing the total token supply by 163,483,050 MANA. If a second auction was to follow the same format, it would undoubtedly have a positive effect on the value of Decentraland MANA token as there would be even less currency in circulation.

Last Word…

There are many more good reasons to buy Decentraland MANA token, so this article should only form the basis for your further research.

So, with all being said, when will you be adding Decentraland MANA token to YOUR portfolio?

Disclaimer: As always, we still HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do your own independent research, spend more time reading about Decentraland either here at DCL Plazas, on the official Decentraland blog or anywhere you can get hold of the information you require to make an informed investment decision. DCL Plazas will not be made responsible for any downturn in price of MANA, or investment losses. The markets are wild at the moment, invest responsibly, and again, DYOR.

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