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BREAKING: Buy & Sell Decentraland LAND on eBay!?
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BREAKING: Buy & Sell Decentraland LAND on eBay!?

Currently leaking out of Consensus, the biggest annual cryptocurrency conference, is the news that eBay is to start accepting virtual currencies and digital collectibles onto it’s platform.

The fact that eBay currently boasts a worldwide marketplace made up of “179,000,000 active buyers” could well propell blockchain gaming and NFT’s to the next level, exposing it to millions of potential new customers.

At the moment there is still no clear timeline in place for eBay to make this progressive change, and it is still unclear what terms and conditions will be put in place, but it is certainly a move in the right direction.

What about PayPal?

Considering that PayPal is owned by eBay this decision won’t have been made lightly. Could we soon see PayPal accepting cryptocurrencies? If so, get ready for the crypto moon. If not, then many will take great delight in watching fee-sucking PayPal crumble into the historical hall of shame.

So… would you buy and sell your Decentraland LAND and/or other digital collectibles on eBay?

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