Decentraland MANA Listed on Coinbase Pro + CEO Backs ‘Crypto in VR’

Coinbase Pro, one of the most reputable crypto trading platforms, has announced that they have begun accepting Decentraland MANA token on their platform.
The introduction of MANA token will be a soft launch, and will “initially be accessible for Coinbase Pro users in the US (excluding NY), UK, European Union, Canada, Singapore and Australia. Additional jurisdictions may be added at a later date.”
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Vote of Confidence

The decision to add Decentraland MANA token to Coinbase Pro has likely been spearheaded by Coinbase CEO and Co-founder Brian Armstrong. In a recent blog post, he gives a clear insight into his opinions on how the two tech’s seamlessly compliment one another:
“I have a hypothesis that digital currency will be widely used in virtual reality, especially in virtual worlds.”
He later goes on to say…
“Virtual reality and cryptocurrency seem like a match made in heaven; it’s a purely digital version of money for a purely digital world.”

Decentraland Leading the Way

This is a massive boost for the already high-flying Decentraland team, and the addition to the Coinbase Pro platform is certainly a welcome one. Naturally, the markets have reacted well to this with Decentraland MANA token taking a big boost in price on the exchanges after the December 8th announcement.

Final Thought

This news, coupled with several other recent, high profile partnerships, shows clear confidence that what the Decentraland team are attempting to build is adding real value and use cases in what are otherwise uncertain times in the world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.
Finally, if you add to that the value that all the extra publicity is gaining for the NFT space, it looks like Decentraland and other NFT’s will only continue to grow from strength to strength.
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