Unleash The Beasties, Battle in Decentraland!

One area where Decentraland is planning to build up a strong community base is in the gaming niche. We have already seen a few Decentraland game concepts and plans start to bubble to the surface, but few have people excited more than Crypto Beasties.

Crypto Beasties is a brand new collectable card game, and the first ever Beasties are due to go on sale today! (Monday 24th September). Although there are an ever growing number of NFT card games being built on the blockchain, Crypto Beasties has been designed with a focus on being to be fun to play. It also has some exciting features which you can’t get with most other games. For example, each Beastie card will be upgradeable, enabling you to level up on different skills and powers of your choosing, which in turn make your NFT even more rare and valuable.

However, by far the most exciting feature is that you will be able to bring your 2D collectable cards to life, and actually battle your Crypto Beasties in a 3D arena in Decentraland. This feature is planned for Q1 of 2019, so you will have plenty of time to build up the strength of your cards before you begin battling it out to become ‘King of the Beasties’.

The emergence of these types of games is proof that the NFT space is growing. With Decentraland being perfectly placed to become the go-to platform for game developers to bring their creations to life, we truly are on the brink of seeing some exciting content find its way onto Decentraland.

>> You can get your Crypto Beasties in the pre-sale by clicking here

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