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NIFTY Conference – CryptoKitties Launch with a Big MEO...
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NIFTY Conference – CryptoKitties Launch with a Big MEOW

Today saw the first ever NIFTY conference & hackathon launch go off to a packed house at Beef and Liberty in Hong Kong.

The venue was full to the brim, packed out with an eclectic mix of NFT enthusiasts, startups, innovators, programmers and blockchain gaming investors all eager to get updated by industry leaders over the next 2 days, many of whom have travelled over 15+ hours to reach a packed house full of fun and games.

Amidst trendy burgers and free flowing bubbly, @BennyGiang and Jehan Chu ‏ kicked things off with a casual yet insightful conversation about NFT’s, the current barriers that exist concerning mainstream adoption, the progression of an effective and ‘accessible for the masses’ UX and also how CryptoKitties aims to diversify its platform and step things up to the the next level. All very exciting stuff.

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