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Forward Thinking Dapp Business Plans Decentraland Meta Base
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Forward Thinking Dapp Business Plans Decentraland Meta Base

It’s hardly surprising that Dapp companies are some of the first businesses now starting to plan their Decentraland projects, and embrace the opportunities that lay ahead within the Metaverse. It’s a natural and complementary progression for any company working within this space.

Although still in the very early stages of planning, the most recent Dapp company to publicise their intention of building a base in Decentraland is, a company offering a wallet for Dapps and tokens. Richard Burton, part of the New York based team, recently released a blueprint/sketch of the enticing structure, where plans to offer customer support of the future.

Sketched by @christieroad13 , the stylish, curvy structure, looks like it could shine like a diamond on the Decentraland LANDscape once it has been modelled.

The next step for any individual or business looking to bring their ideas to life, is to reach out to the talented and enthusiastic community of Decentraland developers and modelers in the Decentraland Discord hub (channels #building & #developers) and find the right developer who can realise their vision into a fully functioning VR work of art.

>> To meet Decentraland developers and modelers join the Decentraland Discord hub

>> To learn how to build yourself, check out our #BUIDL section

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