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DCL Plazas Gets Brave & Why You Should Too
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DCL Plazas Gets Brave & Why You Should Too is pleased to announce that it is now a fully verified publisher with the innovative, crypto friendly Brave browser.

What is the Brave browser?

Almost on a daily basis there is a news story about how your personal data has been mishandled, your devices are being tracked, and your personal data is being collected by your apps and browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc). Your personal data is then exploited for profit by large, often irresponsible companies. Think you opted out? Think again. It is almost impossible to opt-out of being tracked.

Brave is a browser which takes a different approach. It puts security and privacy first. Right now user numbers are growing exponentially month on month, and if you believe in decentralization and privacy then we want you to join us and enjoy the benefits it brings to next level browsing and privacy.

Crypto Integration & Other Advantages

Simple Setup:  Seamlessly continue using all your favourite websites and search engines, but remove all the Ads and trackers. Simple download and install.

Block Ads & Trackers: Brave blocks the software that follows you around. It also blocks Ads that most Adblockers now struggle to prevent. Below is a side-by-side example, of the exact same YouTube video, open at exactly the same time, viewed in both Chrome and the Brave browser. All Ads are highlighted with a yellow arrow.

Your data is a truly valuable commodity. Protect it, and profit personally from it (read on).

Google Chrome
20 Ads
0 Ads

You Get Paid:  From 24th April 2019, if you decide to turn on the “View Ads” option, YOU get paid in cryptocurrency (BAT).

Reduce Data Charges on Mobile: As Brave blocks Ads and trackers, the browser stops your mobile devices wasting data by preventing downloads of unwanted content.

Support Content Producers: The Brave browser has an inbuilt BAT wallet, which has a similar feel to MetaMask. It allows you to instantly tip and support any one of thousands of your favourite content producers/websites.

This is truly the future of web-browsing and privacy.

>> Read More & Try the browser here <<

Disclosure: received NO payment from Brave for writing this post. DCL Plazas believes in decentralization, and the rights to personal privacy, which was the primary motive for writing this post. Furthermore, for full disclosure the links in this article to Brave are affiliate links and will donate approximately $5 per new referred user (this is open to anybody using Brave). This will go a long way to helping support this website and future Decentraland news articles. If you want to try Brave browser, but do not wish to support DCL Plazas, then here is a direct link without affiliate tag.

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