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DCL Plazas Thanks Supporters After Successful Launch

DCL Plazas Thanks Supporters After Successful Launch

After launching only 2 weeks ago, DCLPlazas.com is pleased to announce a successful launch after seeing more than 2500+ page views and 1000+ unique visitors in that short time.

DCL Plazas would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported the website and the articles we have written. As a result, DCL Plazas plans to continue to help promote the Decentraland project and support the community in any way possible.

Moving forward, we would greatly appreciate your help in spreading our reach even further on social channels by….

– Joining our Newsletter

– Following us on Twitter

– Liking us on Facebook

– Following us on Instagram

– Subscribing to our YouTube channel

The more we spread the word as a community, the more new investors will start to get on board. Simple economics suggests that if demand outweighs supply, prices go up. This holds especially true for digitally scarce items such as LAND. 

Your support will also go a long way in helping us reach our goals of becoming the number #1 place for unofficial Decentraland news, education and events.

Thanks again, you’ve been amazing! Long live decentralization!

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