DCL Plazas Kiosks & Locations

Spread throughout premium spots in Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space, our bright and enticing animated kiosks have been built and designed in a way so as to give our visitors a seamless, enjoyable experience. The layout is almost identical in each virtual blockchain world, enabling passers-by to instantly recognise and familiarise themselves with the kiosks and the valuable information + experiences they offer.

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SOMNIUM kiosk decentraland model

As well as providing unique advertising opportunities, our kiosks act as in-world tourist centers by guiding and serving information about each local area, in turn, helping users navigate each world. Where possible, our kiosks also double up as teleportation hubs helping visitors quickly discover and visit top locations, or even travel between worlds, at the click of a button.

Each kiosk is also equipped with the ability to stream pre-recorded or live video, which helps support our amazing kiosk events, as well as other events happening in each world. Below you will find a list of all our locations, feel free to visit and say hi!

Where To Find Us

DCL Plazas now owns and operates kiosks in over 80+ locations spread throughout the 3 major virtual blockchain worlds....


There are currently over 20+ DCL Plazas kiosks strategically placed around Decentraland. Most are placed on private land adjacent/close to the main plazas, including central plaza, which is the main spawn point.

Also, through special relationships with district owners, we have a number of kiosks placed throughout the Vegas, Crypto Valley, Conference Center and Wonderzone districts, with more district kiosks coming soon!

Visit Us

You can visit our kiosks in Decentraland on any computer right now! No download or account is required. A good place to start is in our main Vegas City location.

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DCL Plazas Locations Decentraland


The 25+ DCL Plazas kiosks enable visitors to get to practically every district or island that is worth visiting in Cryptovoxels. All are inter-connected by a large teleportation machine which allows users to easily visit the whole of world at the click of a button, bouncing from kiosk to kiosk. This is currently the best and most efficient way for users to visit the various districts and islands on offer.

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You can visit our kiosks in Cryptovoxels either on mobile or desktop right now! No download or account is required. A good place to start is our main teleportation hub, named The Vortex.

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DCL Plazas Locations Cryptovoxels

Somnium Space

As well as having a number of kiosks around Central Waypoint (the main spawn point in Somnium Space),  DCL Plazas has also placed kiosks along all major roads and intersections in over 35+ locations.

Although users are not permitted to teleport freely in Somnium, it is now practically impossible to be in any part of the world without seeing a number of our eye-catching kiosks.

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In order to visit kiosks based in Somnium Space, you first need to have downloaded the official client/program onto your computer.
You can read more about this by CLICKING HERE.

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DCL Plazas Locations Somnium Space


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