Introducing DCL Rialto – The New Decentraland Skills & Services Hub

Introducing, a new, free to use hub/tool entirely dedicated to connecting Decentraland entrepreneurs and investors with the right skills to start, build and grow any Decentraland project.

Developed and designed as a sister website to DCL Plazas, this new community hub aims to revolutionize and replace the #hiring channel used in Discord with a new approach never seen before, allowing everyone to monetize their skills and/or assets, collaborate and connect with the right people, eventually becoming a stepping stone to building a real Decentraland economy.

DCL Rialto accommodates those who want to:

– Buy and sell Decentraland models and assets

– Offer relevant skills or services for hire to the Decentraland community

– Hire skills and buy services to help build Decentraland businesses or projects

– Lease LAND or invest in other people’s projects or districts… + much more.

Buy, Sell, Hire, Exchange or Offer Skills & Services

If you have experience in any the following areas, or your Decentraland idea/project requires any of the following skills to move forward, then DCL Rialto is the only place to meet and collaborate.

–        2D/3D Artists

–        2D/3D Modelling

–        LAND Programming

–        Animation

–        Blender Experience

–        SDK Experience

–        Video/Music/Audio Production

–        Smart Contracts

–        Games Dev

–        Bots

–        Website Design

–        Website Programming

–        Security & Server setup

–        Graphic Design

–        Marketing and PR

–        Social Media Management

–        Content Writing / Storytelling

–        Sales & Customer Service

–        Legal

–        Any other skills which are transferrable when setting up any new business.

Looking For Decentraland Business Opportunities?

To further stimulate growth, DCL Rialto also has a dedicated “Opportunities” section which offers some unique chances to lease LAND, invest in projects or discover other people with a similar vision, with the view to forming a collaboration and pooling resources…. plus much more.

This website is currently in beta, and entirely free to register, post Ads and connect with others. 

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