6 Ways The Decentraland Builder Tool Could Be Improved

The Decentraland Builder tool competition has now ended. Over the course of 2 weeks there were over 9000 design entries, spanning around 31,000 LAND in size, and it is now the judges’ unenviable task to wade through all the entries, and select the very best.
This article will discuss some of the ways the Builder tool can be improved, but if you haven’t yet seen the new Decentraland Builder tool in action, or would like to view a range of competition entries, see the videos below:

Video: Quick teaser video created by Decentraland showcasing the Builder tool.

Video: Community member Robbeh reviewing a range of competition entries.

Builder Tool 2.0
On the whole, the Builder tool worked exactly as it was designed to do, running smoothly and encountering very few bugs/glitches for such a new piece of powerful kit.

However, as with any new tool in development, there is always room for improvement. Here are 6 ways which the tool could be improved to help creators build more robust, unique designs throughout the coming months and beyond.

Static Scenes

  1. Changing Asset Colors

Having the option to change the color of assets would undoubtedly allow creators more opportunity to differentiate their designs from others using the same assets. Varying color choices also helps to theme each scene e.g. if you want to create a scene from ‘Heaven or Hell’, then the option to use appropriate colors would help transfer the feel and experience of a scene from builders to visitors.

2. Changing Asset Sizes

At the moment all assets are the same size and cannot be changed. The option to make an asset smaller or larger, according to requirements, would move creative possibilities to the next level. It would also help users better manage the limited, and often challenging, triangle limitations set to make a scene compliant.

3. Adding Text

Text is key. Often a whole scene can be perceived differently with the addition of even a small amount of text. It helps send a clear message from builders to visitors, and gives more explanation or direction to scenes which might just need an extra nudge when explaining the intentions, or capabilities, of any given scene.

4. More Assets

It is great to see that all assets currently available within the Builder tool have been created and designed to a high level. The current problem is that the asset library is still very limited when it comes to choice. This is always going to be the case for such a new, complex tool, and Decentraland has already communicated that there will be an ongoing effort to continually expand the amount of assets builders can use to build scenes.

Advancing Scenes

5. Animation

Currently it is only possible to create static scenes. Once builders are able to create objects which move and interact, the Builder tool will morph into a new beast, and become much more powerful as a result. Whilst this is important in moving the Builder tool forward, currently the priority of developers will probably lie with perfecting the options for static scenes.

6. Functionality

This is likely to be the final step in creating a robust Builder tool which would enable anybody with some free time to make their creations, and business aspirations, come alive. In-world payments and creating permission tokens are just two integrations which would help builders. To learn more about this, you should read this post for a more detailed article on this topic.

Final Thoughts

There are many more suggestions for future improvements which didn’t make it onto this ‘priority’ list, such as:
1) Changing the opacity of objects
2) Chopping assets up to create new shapes
3) The ability to select and move multiple assets at the same time
4) The option to manually draw to help create more detail
Can you think of any other ways the Builder tool could be improved? Comment below.
Even laying out all these potential improvements really demonstrates the size of the task at hand. In these early stages it would be all too easy to become overwhelemed at the scale of work involved, so a poco-a-poco approach is probably best when it comes to development.

Finally, congratulations to everyone involved in the creation of the Decentraland Builder tool. The development team has done a great job with the first iteration. It is quick, fluid and easy to use, even for the most novice builder. The new tool will undoubtedly play a fundamental part in the long term growth, and ultimate success of Decentraland.

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  • Omobaale
    Posted April 2, 2019 7:40 pm 0Likes

    I suggest that the builder tool can be opened to third party developers. The community can design and develop assets which they can sell through the builder tool. This will expand it rapidly the builder tool very rapidly and make it really robust. It’s a fantastic tool and a lot of kudos to the decentraland team. Cheers

  • Tonyorso
    Posted April 5, 2019 11:46 pm 0Likes

    It would be essential to be able to save our creations locally on our HD to have as back up and for future reference.
    Also the ability to connect some items available in Builder (like TV, books, mobile phones, screens, theaters etc) to specific links outside or the Decentraland world will make interaction much more efficient.

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