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Decentraland Boosts Building Plans For The Metaverse
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Decentraland Boosts Building Plans For The Metaverse

Decentraland announced the release of the brand new v5.0 SDK today. This is likely to be the final version which will continue to work right through to the public launch in Q2 2019.

This now gives the green flag for anybody who has been waiting to build and model their designs, but have previously been reluctant to do so, due to uncertainties surrounding final limitations within Decentraland.

>>You can read the official Decentraland article here

Why The Change?

As developers were becoming more proficient in building in previous versions of the Decentraland SDK, unexpected issues and limitations were holding back developer progress. After several months working behind the scenes, these problems have all been ironed out and the new version of the SDK is fully functional, allowing for much more flexibility when building on LAND.

This is particularly good news for Decentraland districts, most of whom have been waiting for this release until modelling out their pre-planned designs.

Decentraland Editor For All

There is clearly still a lot of work to do. The challenge is to now build an editor which will allow anybody to build on their LAND, not only just those who can code. This is obviously high up in Decentralands top priorities:

“an ECS architecture is a great foundation on which to build an editor. These tools, which we are working on now, will improve the experience of creating content, making the Decentraland platform more accessible for everyone.” Official Decentraland post excerpt.

Wasting No Time

Community member acl_crypto has been wasting no time in showcasing the potential of the new SDK by building a five floor building on top of just a 1 LAND sized parcel.

To summarise, after 2 LAND auctions, and opening a highly active LAND marketplace, today marks the shift of focus to building the Decentraland metaverse.

>> If you want to start to learn how to build you can view a full list of resources here

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NB: The people feature in the picture are not actual Decentraland employees.

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