Decentraland Community Declare: "We Will Build & Develop our LAND"

In a recent poll conducted by DCL Plazas on Twitter, the Decentraland community made their intentions known. They intend to build.

Nearly half of all voters (41%) announced they plan to build either a virtual shop or home on their LAND, and by doing so become the very first settlers in this new VR Metaverse, not too dissimilar from the European colonists in America back in 1607.

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The poll also highlights a high level of interest in building games or dApps. 23% of voters said they intend to build a game or dApp in Decentraland. This is an exciting statistic, and given that the only limit to what you can build is your own creativity, we can only wait with anticipation to see what exciting and innovative experiences this creative section of the community can come up with.

>> A respectable 28% declared their intention to rent/lease out their Decentraland LAND. This is good news for those who prefer to plugin to the Decentraland eco-system and test out their own ideas and concepts without a large upfront investment and low financial risk.
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Finally, only a low 8% of voters said that they would do nothing or sell their LAND, if they did/do indeed own a parcel. These votes could be for varying reasons, ranging from LAND flippers who regularly buy and sell LAND for profit, to people who simply don’t have an interest in participating in Decentraland at all.
Whilst the voting pool is only of a moderate size, it is still indicative of LAND investors intent to develop the LAND they have invested in and contribute to the overall Decentraland experience.

As the Decentraland community continues to attract talented programmers and investors to the platform, and with Decentraland investing heavily in partnerships with game studios and government initiatives around the world, things are looking mighty positive.

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