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Builder Contest Week 1 Review – Decentraland Community...
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Builder Contest Week 1 Review – Decentraland Community Unleashes Creativity

The Builder contest is just over the halfway point. In the pursuit of scooping one of the top prizes of MANA and LAND on offer, we have already seen creative and innovative scenes flooding in from the Decentraland community and beyond.

>> You can still join the contest and WIN. Click here to enter.

As the competition is still in full flow, this article will refrain from sharing too many competition entries, however, Decentraland community members ambrose, ericreid9 and 1_James seam to have really got to grips with the tool, and have kindly agreed for us to share a small selection of their creative competition entries, just to give a flavor of what is possible within the first release of the Decentraland Builder tool.

Credits: img1: ericreid9, img2: ambrose, img3: ambrose, img4: ambrose, img5: ericreid9, img6: 1_James

Community Video

The competition has clearly ignited the creative fire within. It has also helped Decentraland reach a wider audience, and prompted some great video content being created from users around the world.

Watch other builders at work in the videos below:

Builder Tool Video

Argentina (Official Decentraland video)

Blockchain Gaming World

United Kingdom

GH Tutorials

United States

Dale de comer el raton

Language: Spanish

Final Thought

With only one week to go until the competition ends, and the judging phase begins, ensure you create your scenes in time so you can be in with a chance of winning some big MANA and LAND prizes.

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>> View prizes
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