Competitions, Collaborations and Coins – Decentraland Turns up The Pre-Auction Heat

In the lead up to this months Decentraland auction, you could be forgiven if you missed some of the latest news that Decentraland have released. Partnerships and major announcements are coming thick and fast, and generating a real buzz in the crypto world. Here is a quick roundup just in case you missed anything.

Decentraland Collaborations & Coins

The biggest news this week is the announcement of a collaboration between Decentraland and Binance, one of the most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. The partnership comprises of a trading competition on the Binance platform, where a prize pool totalling 1,800,000 MANA, and one of 4 Binance branded parcels of LAND, is all up for grabs.
Even more exciting, is that holders of Binance Coin (BNB) will be able to use that currency, as well as MANA, in the the upcoming auction.

Decentraland Auction Coins

Following on from the announcement of BNB, a partnership has also been formed between Maker DAO and Decentraland. This will now make it possible to also use Dai and MKR tokens in the LAND auction.

Decentraland LAND Competition

Decentraland is giving away 3 parcels of LAND worth an estimated 75,000 MANA. It’s super easy to enter. Simply share on social media. Each share = 1 entry into the competition. See below.


These partnerships and competitions will open up the Decentraland LAND auction to a whole range of new audiences. It is now up to the Decentraland community to do their bit and spread the word on social media, and really back these projects, with the ultimate aim of making the second Decentraland auction a rip-roaring success.
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