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Watch: Decentraland & CryptoKitties at Consensus Confer...
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Watch: Decentraland & CryptoKitties at Consensus Conference 2019

On May 13th 2019, the world’s biggest crypto and blockchain conference, Consensus, kicked off with a bang in New York city.

Decentraland, represented by Fede Molina, and CryptoKitties, represented by Kate, both took to the stage and did a fantastic job at explaining some common questions about NFT’s and the direction that their respective projects are heading.

In front of an curious crowd, packed full of industry experts and mainstream media, some of the topics discussed included governance, schema, the importance of on boarding new users and interoperability.

Short on time? Here’s a video breakdown…

0.20 Why is it better to build projects on the blockchain?

1:36 Unique features about the economy that are different

3:05 Why would you rent LAND in Decentraland

3:44 Neighborhoods in Decentraland and Cryptokitties

5:00 Talks about interoperability

7:15 Create new experiences (third-party) with NFTs

10:20 Talks about in-game economies / immutability and how they stabilize market

12:00 Discussion with the UI of the NFT projects and complete ownership over the products

13:55 Most expensive assets purchased in projects?

15:25 Do you worry about these worlds becoming financially discouraging?

17:00 What are you learning about what collectors want from things that are digital? What drives interest?

18:56 What are the similar mechanics that make these things interesting with time?

20:12 Talk more about interoperability

22:10 Bringing more people into this space by bringing in recognizable IP

23:40 Question: How to get DCL and cryptokitties to talk

24:23 Question: What’s the one big piece of advice to give to people building blockchains for real world events or to prove more what they’re doing?

26:06 Question: Worry about way which projects retain value of assets and the economics. What are you doing to drive value into NFT assets to retain value? What are you doing to enhance value?

27:48 What if others do that? Bitcoin has many forks

28:45 DCL: Focus atm is improving experience for developers

29:05 Cryptokitties: In case of blockchain, community is SO so important

29:55 Question: Has there ever been additional talks about increasing the height restrictions

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NB: Special thanks to community member @jin for his work with the video breakdown in this article.

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