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Religion, Culture and Elon Musk? – Decentralands East ...
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Religion, Culture and Elon Musk? – Decentralands East Side Plaza

After the recent launch of Decentraland’s new estate feature, a group of new communities have started to emerge throughout the Metaverse.

One area that is really taking shape is the eastern plaza. In this article we take a look at how it is shaping up to be packed full of religion and culture, and is almost guaranteed to be full of color and diversity.

You can get a live view of the area of the map by clicking here.

1: Little India District

Aims to share the delights of India with the rest of the world. You can read more about the plans for the Decentraland Little India District here.

2: Christian Area Estate

This newly founded area plans to house churches, a Sunday School and even run charity events which will be based on the blockchain.

3: Mother Russia District

Designated area for the Russian community to gather. You can read more about the plans for the Decentraland Mother Russia District here.

4: Muslim Quarter Estate

Another newly created area which will presumably become a place of worship for the muslim community in Decentraland. This community is already moving along at a fast pace, with the beautiful model for their Decentraland mosque recently being unveiled.

5: Schwedagon Pagoda District

The plan for this area has been adapted slightly and will instead be the home of a huge Buddha statue which will have 31 floors inside, each representing the 31 levels of existence.

6: NEO TOKYO District

Promises to train anyone to become a ninja. Believed to be run by a Japanese community. You can read more about the plans for the Decentraland NEO TOKYO District here.

7: ICON KOREA Estate

Little is known about this newly discovered, although due to its name it is expected to house a Korean community.

8 / 9a / 9b: Chinese Communities

This group of districts and estates are home to a large Chinese community in Decentraland. They are expected to be a place for Chinese visitors to gather, chat and share their culture with others. You can read more about the Decentraland Dragon Kingdom District here.

10: SpaceX Estate

Is this Elon Musk setting up a space project to explore space in the Metaverse? Or is this more likely a space enthusiast looking to share their passion for everything to do with the universe? It is still unclear, however, both are definitely possible. We will let you know more once we have confirmation from Elon.

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