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Decentraland Spotlight Series: #2 DCL Blogger
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Decentraland Spotlight Series: #2 DCL Blogger

Continuing from yesterdays first installment of the new Decentraland Spotlight Series, we have a man who needs very little introduction in the NFT community as a whole. Matty (aka DCL Blogger) has been a leading figure in the Decentraland community for a long time now, helping many newcomers to take their first step toward owning their very first digital asset, right the way through to giving advice on how to buy and sell NFT’s for profit. If you haven’t seen his YouTube videos yet, they are a must watch. Take it away, Matty…


Name of Project: DCL Blogger

Website / Social: /

Snapshot: Decentraland / NFT Entrepreneur

Creators: Myself (Matty)

Month /Year Project Started: Mid 2018

Favourite Successful Entrepreneur?  Noah Kagan

Satoshi or Vitalik?  Both

LAND or MANA? A healthy diversification. 70-30. MANA – LAND. Due to liquidity.

About Decentraland

How did you find out about Decentraland?

Matty: Liked the logo on CoinMarketCap so googled it. Blown Away.

What first attracted you to Decentraland?

Matty: The promo Vid and the fact people had collectively spent $10+Million on digital land. Like wtf.

What do you consider to be the biggest selling points for Decentraland?

Matty: Decentralization experiment, Their marketing ability, (Had partnerships with Binance, HTC, Many Crypto Game Studios). It’s a platform play. I like investing in Platforms, (Structural projects).

About The Project

What is DCL Blogger?

Matty: It used to be my diary of small NFT Buy Sell Wins/knowledge dumps. Now it’s a resource for NFT investors. It’s awesome.

Why did you start DCL Blogger?

Matty: For fun, bringing awareness of the $ opportunities in the NFT space because I had personally been burnt from simply ‘hodling’.

What are you currently working on?

Matty: Growing my reach so I can successfully launch some upcoming projects.

What goals do you have for DCL Blogger?

Matty: #1 Resource for Making Real $ with NFT’s.

What exciting things should we look out for from you in the coming months?

Matty: Bringing to light successful NFT investors/traders and people building businesses off of DCL.

Where do you hope to see DCL Blogger in 2 years time?

Matty: 100K subs. A small team, more collaborative blogging and a web property portfolio that’s integrally used by the NFT community.

The Big Question

Will Decentraland become the lively metaverse we are all hoping for?

Matty: Hell Yes. But not immediately. 1-2 years down the road it’s going to look awesome.


DCL Plazas would like to wish Matty continuing success with the growth of DCL Blogger and his NFT investment business. 

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