Decentraland Design Quarter District Reveals Blueprint for its Headquarters

It is no surprise that the Decentraland Design Quarter district is progressing quickly and professionally towards a majestic and engaging district build. Using linework, they have created a 3D experience where you can take a walk around the blueprint of its headquarters in any web browser using your keyboard to navigate. The 3D model aims to give an accurate idea of scale and detail that will go into the final build, and we are suitably impressed.

The headquarters’ primary focus will be to act as a hub for professional creatives in design and the visual arts to get exposure for their work.

At the same time, visitors to the Design Quarter can expect fresh, innovative and inspirational exhibitions and galleries to wander round and enjoy at their leisure.

Although we are still in the very early build stages of Decentraland, the Design Quarter is certainly showing some promising signs for an epic build and user experience. You should join our newsletter as we continue to follow the Design Quarter and other districts throughout their building phases.

>> Take a walk around the Design Quarter 3D model

>> Get more information about the Design Quarter

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