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Decentraland District TOKE SOCIAL Design Lookin’ Smoki...
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Decentraland District TOKE SOCIAL Design Lookin’ Smokin’ Hot

Following Decentralands recent release of district LAND tokens to their respective district leaders, it appears all plans are now in overdrive in an attempt to build some unforgettable experiences in time for the official Decentraland launch in Q2 2019.

Toke Social District

It is widely believed that after smoking the herb, very little gets done afterwards. Therefore, you could be forgiven for thinking that Toke Social, a marijuana themed district in Decentraland located on the North West plaza, might be one of the last districts to be designed and built.

However, what is often underestimated is a sense of higher creative clarity that ‘Sweet Mary Jane’ can bring to the table. It appears the Toke Social designers may well have had a visit from Mary recently, judging by their smoking hot, slick and professional district design.

Take a look around the Toke Social district design (still not fully complete) below:

This design really sets a high benchmark.

Whether you decide to chill out on a deckchair by the river, relax on the marijuana themed grassy areas, or just meet other visitors and discuss the endless use cases for hemp, there is something for all smokers in this district. We can’t wait to see the finished design.

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