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Decentraland Districts

Districts are privately purchased, community based areas within Decentraland. Each district varies in size and has its own theme, ranging from Vegas style gambling, to a battleground where players can play video games. Every district governs itself, and therefore has their own rules and way of running things. Districts are usually overseen by a district leader or leadership team who coordinate their respective community.

In December 2017, Decentraland held the Terraform auction, offering investors the opportunity to purchase a share in the districts.  The auction has now ended, and it is not currently possible to buy or sell any District LAND.

The list below shows some of the most active and popular district communities.

Size: 10,005 LAND
Cyberpunk District
Fashion Street
Size: 2,098 LAND
Shopping District
Dragon Kingdom
Size: 1,187 LAND
Chinese Culture District
Festival Land
Size: 473 LAND
Music District
Crypto Valley
Size: 301 LAND
Business District
The Forest
Size: 237 LAND
Nature District
Anarchist Int'
Size: 167 LAND
Anarchist District
Engineering Prk
Size: 85 LAND
'Engineering Park' District
Size: 58 LAND
Creative District
Size: 39 LAND
Democratic City
Size: 25 LAND
Gaming District
Tech Sector
Size: 19 LAND
Technology District
Shwed' Pagoda
Size: 11 LAND
Shwedagon Pagoda Replica
NEO Tokyo
Size: 8 LAND
Japanese District
Alvy Gardens
Size: 5 LAND
Gardening District
Vegas City
Size: 6,919 LAND
Gambling District
District X
Size: 2,001 LAND
Red Light District
Conference Ctr
Size: 799 LAND
Education District
VR Shopping
Size: 417 LAND
Shopping District
Amusement Park
Size: 284 LAND
Theme Park
SciArt Lab
Size: 208 LAND
Science, Art & Tech
Bittrex Tom'ow
Size: 155 LAND
Trading District
Size: 66 LAND
No Rules District
Hacker City
Size: 52 LAND
Coding District
Size: 34 LAND
Music District
V Sand Hill Road
Size: 22 LAND
Venture Capital District
Toke Social
Size: 8 LAND
Cannabis District
Little India
Size: 5 LAND
Indian District
Embassy Town
Size: 8 LAND
Embassy District
Star City
Size: 36 LAND
City State
Dragon City
Size: 6,485 LAND
Chinese District
Size: 1,550 LAND
Education District
Size: 668 LAND
Gaming District
Size: 414 LAND
Networking District
Central Market
Size: 279 LAND
Shopping Marketplace
Size: 170 LAND
Arts District
Fluffy DC
Size: 151 LAND
Cat District
Yoga Centre
Size: 64 LAND
Yoga District
Size: 41 LAND
Central Business District
Mother Russia
Size: 30 LAND
Russian District
Size: 19 LAND
Architecture District
The Chill Zone
Size: 10 LAND
Chill Out District
Size: 9 LAND
Free Build District
Design Quarter
Size: 6 LAND
Design District

Latest District News

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