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The Decentraland Forest Plaza Unearthed
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The Decentraland Forest Plaza Unearthed

In recent months we have learnt that each plaza throughout Decentraland (shown in green on the Decentraland map) will take on a theme of it’s own. We have already had the pleasure of seeing the impressive Medieval plaza and the Vegas plaza designs, and today we get to view the next completed plaza design to add to that list, by unearthing the Decentraland Forest plaza.

Once again, the design has been intricately crafted by Fabian Orrego (who has created the previous 2 scenes) who seems to have mastered the art of getting the best results from low-poly scenes and models.

You can take a look around the scene from a bird’s-eye view below:

The Decentraland Forest plaza is littered with mystical temples, statues and nature to discover. It is still unknown where on the map the Forest plaza will be placed, but wherever it ends up, it looks set to be a stimulating place to meet up and spend some time exploring.

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NB 03/01/2019: This design has not yet been officially announced by Decentraland, and may still incur some changes or adjustments.

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