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Decentraland Join Blockfolio’s Signal
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Decentraland Join Blockfolio’s Signal

Decentraland recently announced they have joined Blockfolio’s Signal. This is great news for all those participating in Decentraland as anyone who holds MANA can now receive Decentraland updates directly on their Android or iOS device and as well as track the currency in realtime.

Blockfolio is a mobile Bitcoin/Altcoin app that allows users to manage and track cryptocurrency investments, it offers a suite of tools to manage crypto portfolios including;

Up to date exchange prices & market analysis

Blockfolio has global coverage with 80+ exchanges, candlestick charts and real-time order books for every coin using the app.

Track cost basis and profit and loss

Users can view all their cryptocurrency investments at once and view detailed profit and loss information for each coin.

The app also has a price alert function so users can be notified of price fluctuations.

You can read more or download the app at

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