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Decentraland LAND Sales Smoking Hot Right Now
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Decentraland LAND Sales Smoking Hot Right Now

The Decentraland marketplace feels like a smoking volcano ready to go off any minute. While investors, speculators and hustlers are jostling with true valuations of LAND, the market watches with curiosity as to what comes next.

Recent media coverage from The New York Times and Bloomberg seems to have stoked the fire of outside interest in Decentraland and as a result the last 30 days has seen the market come back to life after a plateau of less frequent, low value sales

According to, a popular NFT statistics focused website, over the last 30 days 503 LAND have been sold at an average cost of 13,017 MANA ($1291) per LAND parcel at the time of writing.

Just as interesting is the re-emergence of several high value LAND sales, more specifically the sale of 1 plot for 200,000 MANA ($17,000 approx) and another for 300,000 ($33,300 approx).

You can view these below:

200,000 MANA – $17,000 approx

300,000 MANA – $33,338 approx

If that isn’t compelling enough, the LAND parcel bought for 300,000 MANA, which is connected to the central Genesis plaza, was almost immediately re-listed with a price tag of 1,980,000 MANA ($194,000 approx).

Proof, if nothing else, that LAND speculators are in town and gambling on the success of the Decentraland platform.

Flipping LAND for profit has also started to evolve as a submarket.  This is a direct reaction to such wild and inconsistent views on LAND valuations and is producing some fascinating success stories, such as the recent DCL Blogger article which shows a walk through of exactly how he made an easy 5,500 MANA profit from buying and selling 1 LAND parcel near to the vegas district.

As interest in Decentraland grows through events and mainstream media coverage, the Decentraland marketplace will undoubtedly be a captivating place to watch over the coming weeks and months.

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