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Decentraland LAND

LAND parcels are 16m x 16m square spaces (previously 10m x 10m, changed in Feb 2019) within Decentraland. Each LAND parcel is a unique non-fungible token (ERC 721) which means it is unique and cannot be forged or duplicated, just like physical land in real life.

Anybody can buy or sell their LAND at any time, peer-to-peer on the official Decentraland Marketplace. All transactions are stored on the Blockchain as true proof of ownership, so when you buy and own that LAND token, you officially and unquestionably own that piece of LAND. Every Decentraland LAND token has unique co-ordinates which represent a specific location on the Decentraland map. Each has individual attributes determined by their proximity to popular areas e.g. roads, plazas, and these typically determine their value.

There are a total of 90,601 LAND parcels in Genesis City. 43,689 private LAND parcels, 33886 district LAND, 9438 roads, 3588 plazas.

If you own and connect adjacent parcels of LAND on the map, then this is referred to as an Estate.

Official Decentraland Marketplace to buy and sell LAND in the game.
LAND Market History
Live market data of LAND sales over the last 24hrs, 7days & 30days.
Chrome Ext
Market Currency Changer
View LAND price listings in BTC, ETH and USD, as well as MANA.
Build on LAND (Beginner)
Official tool to build on LAND by simply dragging and dropping
3D Map & LAND Data
Data including LAND sales history, build height, top 20 owners + more!
Hire LAND Builders
Hire professionals to build your dream VR experience on your LAND.
Build on LAND (Advanced)
Official Decentraland SDK. Start building on your LAND. (Coding required)
LAND Market History
Live market data of LAND sales over the last 24hrs, 7days & 30days.

Latest LAND News

Decentraland LAND parcels fluctuate in value due to supply and demand. Monitor the news and keep up to date with the Decentraland LAND market at DCL Plazas:

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