When Will Decentraland Actually Launch To The Public?

This is the million dollar question, but the honest answer is, well, nobody really knows. There is still no concrete launch date of the public beta after the proposed Q2 2019 deadline was missed. Decentraland is more or less 8 months behind in its development, but fear not, rapid progress is being made.

Closed Beta

Instead of opting for a hard launch of a buggy public beta, which would have inevitably lead to the same bugs and issues reported over and over by various users, Decentraland decided to go for a more “drip-feed” approach, by allowing just 50 new community users into the closed beta each week. There are now around 250-300 people who have visited and reported bugs around Decentraland with more being added all the time.

This more concentrated approach on bug fixing is now paying dividends, with a large amount of reported errors already having been fixed at a really fast rate. Everytime we log-in there have been so many improvements and this continues to improve the user experience going forward.

But When Will Decentraland Open The Public Beta?

If we were to hazard a guess, September 2019 at the earliest. This is when Decentraland plans to throw some heavy resources behind its Game-Jam (Hackathon) which will comprise of 6 figure $ payouts and a targeted recruitment drive aimed at getting some of the most talented developers to take part and start bringing the world alive. You can take part or read more about the upcoming Game Jam by clicking here.

It is also likely that anybody who has gone through the extra effort of registering and paying 100 MANA token (approx $4 USD) for their own avatar will have access first.

If you want to register your Decentraland avatar, you can read more about how to easily do that here.

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