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VR Demo, Themed Plazas + More – Decentraland Join Gitc...
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VR Demo, Themed Plazas + More – Decentraland Join Gitcoin For Live Chat

In a recent live recorded session, Nico Earnshaw of Decentraland took part in a Decentraland demo and chat session with Gitcoin Media. Nico has been working closely with Gitcoin to offer MANA bounties for content contributions from the Decentraland and Gitcoin communities.

In the recording Nico walks us through some great visuals of an area of Decentraland parcels which seems to be building up towards a full scale demo area, of sorts.

In the video Nico mentions that each plaza will have a theme, and he shows us the medieval theme which could be on one of the plazas when the in game world launches.

Other interesting topics discussed include opportunities for paid memberships, issues around censorship and members running their own servers.

Finally, a big thanks to Nico for giving a shoutout. Happy to see you found our #BUIDL library of Decentraland community builds.

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