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2 NEW Decentraland Map Tools To Help You Value LAND
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2 NEW Decentraland Map Tools To Help You Value LAND

Looking at the Decentraland map for the first time can be a daunting prospect for new investors who may be toying with the idea of investing in their first parcel of Decentraland LAND.

Common questions from new investors are usually “how much is Decentraland LAND worth?” and, more importantly, “Am I getting a good deal?”.

As the LAND market has evolved and matured, so has the number of community created tools aimed at helping new users study the market and determine if they are getting a bargain.

Decentraland Map Tools

More recently we have seen the emergence of mapping tools. These tools provide an overview of the whole Decentraland map and allow users to get a birds eye view and see the bigger picture, without getting confused or distracted by hundreds of individual listings on the official LAND marketplace.

Tool 1: myDCL

LINK–> is the first port of call for many LAND traders in Decentraland. Famous for offering an unrivalled amount of LAND listings and sales data, myDCL has now added a new mapping option to it’s armory of tools.

This mapping tool allows users to:

  • Easily display a real-time overview of LAND prices throughout Decentraland, sorted by various colors.

  • Identify cheap LAND opportunities by toggling through the various color options.

For a small fee, also offers a real time notifier service. Visit here for more details.

Tool 2: MANA Wisdom


This nifty new tool takes a slightly different approach and provides some unique data sets.

As well as displaying a LAND price overview of the whole of Decentraland, it also allows users to:

  • View individual LAND parcel prices and Estates separately

  • Switch currency and view LAND prices in $ USD

  • View a LAND inflation pricing map, using the unique “Matty Ratio”. Matty is widely known as the king of Decentraland LAND trading, so if you haven’t read his blog you should pay it a visit here.

Final Thought

Investing in Decentraland LAND can be very lucrative if you take the time to study the LAND market. If you are looking to diversify your crypto portfolio, then there are very few other projects as exciting and unique out there.

Take your time to research sales history to help you get a more rounded feel for how market has evolved over the past couple of years.

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