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Decentraland Map

The Decentraland map shows the location of all 90,000 LAND parcels which form Genesis City.
Genesis City is approximately the same size as Washington DC.
The Decentraland map comprises of both private LAND owners and themed community districts.

Color Key

LAND (Dark Grey) – Privately owned LAND parcels. Can be bought & sold on the Marketplace.

LAND (Black) – This LAND remains unsold after the Terraform auction in December 2017. They may be available to purchase in the future, but are not currently for sale.

DISTRICTS (Purple) – Privately owned, themed Communities.

PLAZAS (Large Green Squares) – The area of the map where players are expected to respawn and generate high footfall. Plazas are not for sale.

ROADS (Light Grey, Straight Lines) Roads are not for sale.

Credit: LAND parcel view – Decentraland official website

Credit: District View of Decentraland Map by Design Quarter

Common Questions

If you have further questions about Decentraland please take time to visit our education section:

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