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First Scene Designed Specifically For Decentraland Features ...
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First Scene Designed Specifically For Decentraland Features on Sketchfab

Created by Pro-Designer, Fabian Orrego, the Decentraland Medieval scene is a feast on the eyes and one of the best examples we have seen yet. The dynamic design has no less than 9 features, including a Dragon Castle, Blacksmiths, Central Statue, Farm, Stable, Mine, Training Camp and Cemetery.

To our knowledge, this is the first scene to be featured on Sketchfab that has been specifically designed with the limitations for uploading to Decentraland in mind. A definite step in the right direction and hoping to see much more of this throughout the months ahead, prior to launch.

You can zoom in and take a look around the 3D model below, by clicking on the numbers within the scene:

Whilst designers and programmers continue to push and test the limits of the Decentraland SDK, often juggling to balance the compromise between triangle / polygon limits, and still producing a high quality finish, this Decentraland scene proves that the possibilities are there for LAND owners and developers to really produce something special in their own little part of the Metaverse.

We are certainly hoping to see much more of this on Sketchfab, throughout the months ahead prior to launch.

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