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Boxswap & Opensea Offer New Ways To Own Decentraland LA...
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Boxswap & Opensea Offer New Ways To Own Decentraland LAND

For most people wanting to buy Decentraland LAND, the official marketplace is more than sufficient in facilitating safe and secure transactions. However, there may be a time when you have negotiated a deal privately with a seller (usually in Discord or by email), or you want to pay in a currency other than MANA.

There are now two companies who allow you to do just that.


Private Decentraland LAND sales can now be sold to a specific buyer, at a pre-agreed price, without the risk of listing it at the reduced price on the marketplace and somebody sniping it from under your nose. Opensea now takes this one step further and offers to provide an escrow style service with zero fees! It is worth adding that you can also use various other currencies than MANA to make a LAND purchase on Opensea.

>>Visit Opensea here


Recently launched in beta, is the new kid on the block(chain) offering an innovative new way for NFT owners to swap their NFT’s over the counter with one another. In theory, if you want to swap 5 CryptoKitties that you own, and agree with another user to trade them for 1 Decentraland LAND, this platform will facilitate just that. You can also use various ETH tokens to swap for Decentraland LAND.

>Visit Boxswapio here

Final Thought

This is just another step in the wider evolution of the NFT industry. Expect a big year in 2019.

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