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Defending the Streets of Decentraland – Police, Superh...
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Defending the Streets of Decentraland – Police, Superheroes or Bots?

In just a few months time Decentraland will open its doors to the world. Hoards of people from all backgrounds and cultures will descend on Genesis City, excited about the opportunities that lay ahead. The vast majority will visit with the best of intentions, to enjoy the experience, meet new people and scour the LANDscape looking for interesting projects created by the community.

However, it would be foolish to assume that everybody who visits Decentraland is there to play by the rules. For some, the opportunity to perform illegal activities and troll other users will prove too irresistible to pass up on.

Unfortunately, these people tend to be the reason why the rest of us can’t have nice things.
There are many examples in the past where ‘the few’ can easily spoil an experience for ‘the many’, and even make full projects become unpalatable. If Decentraland is seen as an easy target, then word spreads, their population swells and the project will be in serious trouble.

This isn’t an issue to brush under the carpet and hope it goes away. The threat is very real. We need to be prepared.

Poll: How should Decentraland defend itself against criminals and trolls?

We are not suggesting these are the only options, but they are possible solutions to what is a complex issue due to the decentralized nature of the project.

Decentraland Police Force

Create the ultimate VR police force made up of Decentraland users. The force would learn from the inefficiencies and mistakes made in real world policing, and become an efficient and effective way to stamp out and remove the pests from the platform. Anything close to the setup in the video below, with a full list of processes in place for handling troublemakers, would be a good start.

Decentraland Super Heroes

Gotham City had Batman. Metropolis had Superman. California had The Terminator. Why should Decentraland be any different? Decentraland enables users to be whoever they want to be, so if there are a number of Super Hero style vigilantes who are willing to dedicate their time in order to rid the streets of Decentraland of terrible wrong doers, then could this be a solution somehow?

Decentraland Robots

Many social networks have turned to bots to identify and deal with their unsavoury troll population. Has it worked? To a certain degree yes, however, will it be possible to implement similar bots in a decentralized world? There is only one way to find out.


Do you have any suggestions for other possible solutions? Please comment below.

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