Decentraland Prepares For New Civilization With A Face Lift

The website has been given bright and vibrant revamp in preparation for the launch of the Metaverse later this year.

The dynamic new design will undoubtedly appeal more to the mass market, and gives a better reflection of what users can expect from the platform.

The old (rather bizarre) logo, which appeared to look like some sort of space themed mushroom mountain, has also been replaced with a much more colorful, simple design with an Egyptian vibe. Very reminiscent of the beginning of a new civilization, which falls nicely inline with where the Decentraland project is at currently.

New Logo

Old Logo

The text has also been reworked. It is now much simpler, and there is very little mention of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, which is sometimes daunting or off-putting for no-coiners. This further outlines Decentralands intention to attract a mass audience to enter the world, and not just limit it to crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, which is a smart move.

The building element, which plays a fundamental part of Decentraland, now looks much more straightforward to understand for anybody who is not familiar about what Decentraland is.

Final Thought

This is a much welcome new design. All those involved in the new website have done themselves, and the Decentraland community, a great service.

The new website design is now well poised to act as the perfect springboard when the marketing master plan comes into play closer to launch.

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