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SciArt Lab Back From The Brink
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SciArt Lab Back From The Brink

In a recent update from Decentraland announcing the future of Decentraland districts, everybody’s favorite science and arts district, SciArt Lab, which was one of the surprise projects to make it onto the dreaded list of impending doom (list of districts which would be dissolved and removed from Decentraland).

DCL Plazas can confirm that SciArt Lab will NOT be dissolved, and will continue to move ahead with their innovative build which can be located in the north of Genesis City.

“SciArt lab will not be canceled, …. the district will continue!"

E.Ordano, Head Developer Decentraland

This is great news for all science, art and technology enthusiasts, as well as those who have been following their build progress over many months and have been looking forward to exploring their futuristic research and development lab.

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