ENROLL NOW! Decentraland University Offers FREE Weekly Building Course

Editors Update: This full course is now hosted on DCL Plazas here.

Do you want to learn all the skills needed to build more advanced scenes in Decentraland?
Now YOU can learn the full package of basic skills you will need in order to create advanced Decentraland scenes, no matter what your current level of knowledge is, all for FREE, in a series of live interactive sessions being run by the Decentraland University district. This is the districts first official lecture series named the VR Academy.

How To Build In Decentraland – VR Academy Overview

Instructor: Carl Fravel, Lead tutor of the VR Academy.
How to enroll: CLICK HERE to head over to the Decentraland University Discord & message the course leader, Carl Fravel#3088.
Start Date: 27th July 2019 (You can still join and catch up!)
Live Session Times: Every Saturday, 4pm – 6pm UTC / GMT.
Lesson Duration: Once per week, approx. 2 hours per session.
Cost: FREE.(donations accepted)
What exactly is being taught? Read the full course outline here.
Objective: The objective of this course is to prepare the participant to have a sufficient range and depth of skills to be able to independently create and deploy scenes in Decentraland, and/or to organize or participate in scene-building endeavors.
Knowledge Requirements: Anybody is welcome, from beginners to advanced. You do not need to know how to code, build models etc. This course is designed to teach you these skills to a level whereby they can be applied to your Decentraland builds, right from first installing the required software(s) to being able to bring your creations to life.
Lesson format: Live video stream via Zoom Live Sessions. All students follow along together to create an interactive learning environment. Carl is available to answer any questions and will go at a pace which suits the class. If you are unable to attend the live sessions,all lessons will be recorded to work through at your own pace.
Assignments: Each session will come with an assignment to be completed prior to the next lesson.
Got more questions? Contact Carl Fravel in Discord or by email or on Twitter.

Final Thought

This course offers a fantastic opportunity for people of all skill levels to learn some very useful, transferable skills, in a friendly environment.
Personal development is something everybody should take time out from their usual routine to focus on. If you aren’t investing time in yourself by learning and improving your own skills, then you aren’t opening new doors to new possibilities.

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