Confirmed: Decentralands Genesis City Expands Surface Area By 156%

After a recent Decentraland community vote on Agora, it has now been confirmed that each LAND parcel size will be increased from the original 10m x 10m, to a much larger 16m x 16m. This means the total surface area of Decentralands Genesis City will now be just over 2.5 times larger.


Size Comparison: Previous 10m x 10m with the new LAND size of 16m x 16m


There are many reasons, but the most likely is that as developers were beginning to push the boundaries of what is possible when building out a scene, it quickly became apparent that having only a 10m x 10m area to work with severely limited how much creativity and possibilities were available in such a small space.

Will more LAND be made available?

This change just means that each LAND parcel will expand in size, but the amount of LAND parcels will remain the same.

Will this affect LAND values?

Possibly. The marketplace ultimately determines LAND prices. One could assume that having more room in which to build on a single plot of LAND could increase the value of single LAND parcels, and reduce demand for larger Estates. So far, this hasn’t proven to be the case.

When will this change take effect?

It has yet to be announced by Decentraland, but it is most likely to be prior to the Decentraland building contest which starts in just a few weeks time (March 2019).

Final thoughts

This is a big change for Decentraland. Users will now have to travel much further to reach new areas of the map, making it much less likely that people will stumble upon any given LAND. What is truly refreshing to see, however, is that this was put to the community vote.

This demonstrates that Decentraland are willing to take the communities feedback onboard, and with 87% of MANA voting rights opting for bigger LAND parcels, it is clear the community see this as a fundamental change which should be made sooner rather than later, for the greater good of the Decentraland experience, both now and in the future.

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