Decentralands Partnership with South Korean Government Sponsored Accelerator

An exciting new deal was recently announced on Decentralands official blog which could be a potential game changer. Gyeonggi Content Agency Next Reality Partners is a non-profit organization which is owned and run by the South Korean government and has been formed to aid advancements, promotion and development of blockchain gaming in South Korea. This is the first ever official deal of this type and outlines clear support from the South Korean government in supporting VR/AR technology advancements. Financial support will also be given to support the project.

A basic breakdown of what this means for Decentraland….

  • The deal will see a new, dedicated co-working space right in the center of Seoul, the South Korean capital.

  • The co-working space will be the hub for the new DCL.X accelerator program.

  • DCL.X will attract some of the brightest minds in game development in South Korea, supporting and enabling them to let loose their creativity in the Decentraland SDK.

  • The deal also opens doors for Decentraland to work alongside some of GCA NRP’s existing partners such as HTC and Google.

Whats next

With a hub for game development and innovation in Decentraland now established in the heart of Asia, the next step is to look to build on this progress by expanding into larger markets such as China, the USA and other big economies.

For more information or to apply to join DCL.X, you should contact Andrew Kim (Head of Business Development and DCL.X) by email at

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