Do I need to know how to code to build on my LAND?

UPDATE: 11th June 2019 – Yes and no. There are 2 tools available to build on Decentraland LAND.

1. The Builder tool, which is a simple drag and drop editor, is aimed at beginners and requires no coding knowledge.

2. The Decentraland SDK is for more advanced builds and allows a lot more freedom, but requires a certain level of coding.

You can read more about the building tools and access them here.


The short answer to this is yes. However, the Decentraland team plans to build a much more user friendly version of the current SDK builder in the future.

More info on this here:

DCL Plazas has also collated a library of building resources for those who are more adventurous and looking to learn new skills.

More info on this here:

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