The Evolution of Decentraland in 2018 – Monthly Breakdown

The turn of a new year is often a good time to take a step back and reflect on the previous 12 months.
This time last January, Decentraland had only just completed the first auction, with many skeptical investors uncertain whether they would ever see a return on their Bitcoin investment into digital LAND (Bitcoin was valued at five figures at the time).
However, fast forward one year to today, and you will find a very different environment. The Decentraland project is now riding on the crest of a wave, which is backed up by a thriving Decentraland community exceeding 8000 Discord members, each full of optimism, enthusiasm and hope.
So, what should we expect in 2019? In order to understand where any project is heading, it is first important to understand how it has progressed over time.
In this article, we take a look at some of the important milestones achieved by the Decentraland team throughout 2018.


Decentraland wraps up the first ever auction from December 2017.

The first ever bird’s-eye view image created of Decentraland, after the first auction.


LAND can now be viewed and transferred for the very first time.

Decentraland team already on the road, spreading the word in South Korea.

MARCH 2018

The official marketplace is launched…

…and becomes an instant success.

APRIL 2018

The Decentraland SDK is first launched, enabling LAND owners or developers to build for the first time.

Districts begin to organize their respective communities.

MAY 2018

Decentraland continues to attend events and increase exposure, particularly in Asia.

The first community builds using the SDK alpha start to appear in public.

JUNE 2018

Decentraland developers start to integrate other exciting new projects and tech.

High profile, strategic partnerships start to become more frequent.

JULY 2018

DCL Plazas official launch is a success. Thanks to everybody for your support.

Both Decentraland and DCL Plazas attend the inaugural NIFTY NFT conference in Hong Kong.

Applications open for the in-world Decentraland alpha access.

Community builds start to make huge strides using the SDK.


Interest in Decentraland from mainstream media is becoming a more regular occurence.

Decentraland districts continue to evolve.

The community start to build infrastructure on their own accord, to help further support the project

Decentraland Estates feature is successfully launched for the first time.


MANA token, against all odds, continues to hold strong on the exchanges, while other cryptocurrencies fail at an alarming rate.

Gaming companies start to announce their Decentraland plans.


Buying and selling LAND Estates is now possible in the marketplace…

…and is an immediate success.

Agora v2, the Decentraland voting dApp, is launched…

…and the community vote for a second Decentraland LAND auction.


Decentraland mortgages now available via RCN.

Community votes to remove inflation and introduce 1% marketplace sales fee.


The 2nd Decentraland auction takes place…

…and is a huge success.

Final Thought

It is clear that Decentraland has come a long way in just a short amount of time. What will the next 12 months bring? Well, it’s crunch time for Decentraland. There can be no more delays in launching the Metaverse (originally due in Q4 2018, now delayed until Q2 2019). Everybody has their part to play in making 2019 the year that Decentraland, and the community, build on earlier progress and construct an online world outside that of which we already know.
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